QQSlivering Workshop 銀戒指工作坊


QQLoveLab Valentine's Special 💒

QQSlivering Workshop 💍

"Ready to craft a symbol of our love together?" 🧪

A romantic experiment, a lifetime promise

(No funny ideas, we're really making rings! 💍💎✨)

Craft your very own unique ring with silver clay and sparkling gems! 💎 Be creative with shapes, and personalize with your names or favorite designs, making a promise ring that’s truly yours! ( ´͈ ᵕ `͈ )

親手用銀黏土,加上閃閃寶石,打造獨一無二嘅戒指!💎 形狀隨心所欲,更可刻上妳嘅名字


❝ $520/Single Experience ❞

❝ $980/Couples Package ❞


Classes daily! 12-3pm / 4-7pm / 7-10pm ❤️

Comment below to reserve or book online with code "QQLAB" for a 15% discount! ✨

Get your lab coat on and let's create a love reaction this Valentine’s with your beloved! 🧪🥽🥼

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Book online 📲 www.qqwonderland.hk/products/qqslivering

Whatsapp for bookings 📲 +852 69723118

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