感謝大家有意預約我們的毛氈工作坊!以下是客人預約前後經常問到的一些問題,我們為大家一一解答。如果您有其他疑問,歡迎透過Instagram Direct Message @qqwonderlands 或 WhatsApp 69723118 聯繫我們,我們將有專人為您在線解答。

Thank you all for your interest in booking our Felt Workshop! Below are some frequently asked questions by guests before and after making a reservation, which we have answered one by one. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us through Instagram Direct Message @qqwonderlands or WhatsApp 69723118, and we will have someone available to answer your queries online.

  1. Q: 毛氈工作坊有哪些尺寸可以選擇,收費如何?
    A: 我們按畫框大小收費,費用已包含導師費、材料費、修剪費(不包含專業修剪)、場地費用。工作坊的時間為中午十二時至晚上十時,為期十小時不限時製作。以下是各尺寸的原價收費:

    • 50x50cm:$600
    • 80x80cm:$800
    • 90x90cm:$1000

    Q: What are the sizes available for the felt workshop, and how is the pricing?
    A: Our workshop fees are based on the size of the felt frame, including instructor fee, materials, trimming fee (excluding professional trimming), and venue fee. The workshop lasts from 12 PM to 10 PM, providing 10 hours of unlimited time for creation. The original prices for different sizes are as follows:

    • 50x50cm: $600
    • 80x80cm: $800
    • 90x90cm: $1000
  2. Q: 如果晚上10時尚未完成作品,該如何處理?
    A: 如果您在工作坊結束時間未能完成作品,可以選擇加時,每人每小時加收$100,直至作品完成。您也可以選擇在其他日子再來完成,第二天的工作坊收費為每小時$100(至少3小時起計)。除此之外,您也可以支付額外費用由我們的導師幫忙完成作品,作品將在工作坊結束後7至10天內完成並通知您領取。

    Q: What if I am unable to complete my piece by 10 PM?
    A: If you cannot complete your piece by the closing time of the workshop, you can opt for overtime at an additional cost of $100 per person per hour until the piece is finished. Alternatively, you can choose to return on another day to continue working, with a charge of $100 per hour (minimum 3 hours). Additionally, you can choose to pay extra for our instructor to assist in completing your piece, which will be ready for collection 7 to 10 days after the workshop ends.

  3. Q: 可以選擇什麼樣的圖案?
    A: 客人可以自由選擇圖案。請將您想要的圖案保存在手機相簿中,在工作坊當天傳送給導師以協助繪製。

    Q: What kind of designs can I choose for my felt piece?
    A: You are free to choose any design you like. Please save the design in your phone's photo album and send it to the instructor on the day of the workshop for assistance in drawing.

  4. Q: 圖案選擇有什麼限制?
    A: 我們不建議選擇線條過於複雜的圖案,如真實圖像、風景畫或真人照片。如果您沒有電子版的圖案,我們可能會視作品的複雜程度需要額外收費。最好的圖案選擇為線條簡潔、色塊分明的插畫或圖標。

    Q: Are there any restrictions on the choice of designs?
    A: We do not recommend choosing overly complex line designs, such as realistic images, landscape paintings, or photographs of people. If you do not have an electronic version of the design, we may charge extra depending on the complexity of the piece. Simple illustrations or icons with clear lines and color blocks are the best choices.

  5. Q: 我從來也沒有接觸過Tufting, 是否有導師會指導?
    A1: 本店導師會於課程開始前先指導Tufting基本步驟,並協助客人開始製作,工作坊全程亦會有導師在旁指導,有任何疑問,也請向我們導師求助。

    Q: I have never tried Tufting before; will there be an instructor to guide me?
    A: Our store's instructors will guide you through the basic steps of Tufting before the workshop begins and assist you in getting started. Instructors will be on hand to provide guidance throughout the workshop, and you can ask them for help if you have any questions.

  6. Q: 如何繪製圖案?
    A: 我們會以投影機協助繪畫,導師會要求客人在開始前將圖片發送給我們,然後導師會把圖案投影在布料上,由客人根據投影線條繪畫圖案,基本上手機草圖一模一樣。

    Q: How do we draw the pattern?
    A: We will use a projector to assist with drawing. The instructor will ask customers to send their images to us before starting. The instructor will then project the pattern onto the fabric, and you will draw the pattern following the projected lines, essentially tracing the sketch from your phone.

  7. Q: "一人一框" 和 "二人同框" 是什麼意思?
    A: "二人同框"是指兩位客人共同製作一個作品。如果選擇80或90厘米的Tufting作品,我們會提供兩把Tufting槍給客人共同使用。對於50厘米的框,因範圍較小,即使是共作,我們也只提供一把Tufting槍。

    Q: What do "one frame per person" and "two people per frame" mean?
    A: "Two people per frame" means that two customers will work together on a single piece. If an 80 or 90 cm Tufting piece is chosen, we will provide two Tufting guns for use. For a 50 cm frame, due to its smaller size, even if it is a collaborative work, we only provide one Tufting gun.

  8. Q: 二人一框會額外收費嗎?
    A: 會的,本店會收取150元的"二人一框"額外費用。

    Q: Is there an extra charge for "two people per frame"?
    A: Yes, there is an extra charge of $150 for "two people per frame."

  9. Q: 如何可以修剪3D效果?
    A: 3D效果會由本店導師協助修剪。我們不提供專業修剪課程,作品修剪需時,可能需14至21日完成並通知客人領取。費用從200元至500元不等,視乎圖案複雜程度而定。

    Q: How can I trim for a 3D effect?
    A: The 3D effect will be trimmed with the assistance of our store's instructors. We do not offer a professional trimming course. The trimming process can take time, possibly 14 to 21 days to complete, and we will notify the customer when it's ready for pickup. The cost ranges from $200 to $500, depending on the complexity of the pattern.

  10. Q: 可以即日領取作品嗎?
    A6: 可以,本店可以於即日完成所有步驟,不需額外收費,但只會為客人作品做基礎修剪。導師可能會詢問客人是否願意留下作品由導師免費修剪,稍後再來取。

    A: Can I take my artwork home on the same day?
    A: Yes, our store can complete all the steps on the same day without any additional fees; however, we will only do basic trimming on the artwork. The instructor might ask if you would like to leave your artwork for free professional trimming to be picked up later.

  11. Q: 可以整cushion嗎?
    A: 本店不提供製成靠墊的縫製服務,您可以帶走半成品並自行尋求其他裁縫店進行此服務。

    Q: Can I make a cushion?
    A: Our store does not offer services to sew the finished product into a cushion. You can take the semi-finished product and seek services from another tailor shop to make it into a cushion.

  12. Q: 最細幾多歲可以玩tufting?
    A: 我們建議客人需年滿10歲才適合參與Tufting,但如果家長認為子女具備足夠能力,也可以選擇與孩子一同參加親子班一起製作作品。若孩子在過程中力不從心,導師會樂意提供協助。

    Q: What is the minimum age required to participate in tufting?
    A: We recommend that participants be at least 10 years old to engage in Tufting. However, if parents believe their child has the capability, they are welcome to join a parent-child class to work on a project together. If the child finds the process too difficult, the instructor will be happy to assist. 

  13. Q: 我需要提前多久預約?
    A: 雖然我們接受Walk in,但是我們建議您至少提前一週預約。由於位置限制,我們採取先到先得的方式,建議您盡早進行預約。

    Q: How far in advance do I need to book?
    A: Although we accept walk-in customers, we recommend booking at least one week in advance. Due to limited spots, we operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is advisable to make your reservation as early as possible.

    Q: 預約需要支付訂金嗎?
    A: 是的,我們需要收取總費用的100%作為訂金來確認您的預約。餘下額外的費用將在工作坊當天支付。

    Q: Do I need to pay a deposit to make a reservation?
    A: Yes, we require a 100% deposit of the total cost to confirm your booking. The remaining fee will be paid on the day of the workshop.

    Q: 如果我臨時不能參加,訂金可以退還嗎?
    A: 我們會為客人免費改期,但不退回工作坊費用 

    Q: If I can't attend last minute, is the deposit refundable?
    A: Our cancellation policy states that if you cancel, the deposit is non-refundable. However, we can help changing the date for 1-time free.

    Q: 我可以自己帶食物和飲料來工作坊嗎?
    A: 可以的,您可以自行帶來食物和非酒精飲料。但請注意,為了保持工作坊的清潔和其他客人的舒適,請避免攜帶氣味濃重的食物。

    Q: Can I bring my own food and drinks to the workshop?
    A: Yes, you are allowed to bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages. However, please be mindful to avoid bringing food with strong odors to maintain a clean and comfortable environment for all guests.

    Q: 我沒有任何繪畫經驗,我可以參加嗎?
    A: 當然可以!我們的工作坊適合所有水平的參加者,從完全沒有經驗的初學者到有繪畫基礎的藝術愛好者。我們的導師會根據您的個人水平提供指導。

    Q: I have no experience in drawing, can I participate?
    A: Absolutely! Our workshop is suitable for participants of all levels, from complete beginners to art enthusiasts with some drawing experience. Our instructors will provide guidance tailored to your individual skill level.

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