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Daddy Hologram Baddie Sticker Pack Set 2 可愛鐳射貼紙套裝


Baddie Sticker Set 02 可愛鐳射貼紙套裝

🌟 Baddie Sticker Set 02 是一套可愛的鐳射貼紙,包含多種風格和圖案。每套包含16張貼紙,具有良好的粘性,堅固耐用,不留膠漬。

💰 價格:HKD$40 / TWD$150

🌐 我們提供國際運輸服務,請預訂後等待14天交付。

🛍️ 現貨出售中!

📍 購買地點:

  • QQWonderland 觀塘店
  • QQWonderland 旺角 CTMA Center 快閃店

Baddie Sticker Set 02 Cute Hologram Sticker Pack

🌟 The Baddie Sticker Set 02 is a set of cute hologram stickers featuring various styles and designs. Each pack contains 16 stickers that are strongly adhesive, durable, and won't leave any glue stains.

💰 Price: HKD$40 / TWD$150

🌐 We ship internationally, please allow 14 days for delivery after placing your order.

🛍️ In-stock and ready to ship!

📍 Where to buy:

  • QQWonderland Kwun Tong
  • QQWonderland Pop-up Store CTMA Center Mong Kok

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