QQNails美甲服務預約 (訂金Deposit)


$380 / 放題式任整美甲 manicure buffet

+$100 / 10指延長 10 nails extension


咩係 「任貼美甲」?
任貼美甲意思係指任整配飾!💖 並非貼上已完成整作的穿戴甲,同一般gel甲無異的!💅🏻
鑽石/粒粒/形狀/美少女戰士/鏈條/卡通頭像都可以請美甲師任貼上自己嘅指甲上面!✨ 我哋有超過600款鑽飾提供!一定揀到自己想要嘅配色!💍

我哋嘅美甲師只提供簡單嘅畫款 同埋喺純色嘅美甲上面欽上鑽飾 ✨ 如果複雜款/立體/延長等等嘅款式 我哋會額外收費喔!🧸

又或者想睇我哋有啲咩鑽飾!都歡迎WhatsApp同我哋查詢 💎

🧚🏻‍♀️ What is "All-you-can-do Manicure"?
"All-you-can-do Manicure" means you can accessorize your nails with anything! 💖 Diamonds, beads, shapes, Sailor Moon, chains, cartoon avatars - you name it, our nail artists can stick it on your nails! ✨ We have over 600 types of rhinestones to choose from, so you're sure to find the colors you want! 💍

Our nail artists offer simple designs and can embellish plain colored nails with rhinestones ✨ For complex, 3D, or extended designs, there will be an extra charge! 🧸

If you have a particular design in mind, you can send it to us for a quote! If you're curious about what kind of rhinestones we have, feel free to inquire via WhatsApp 💎

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