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  • 90/180分鐘「放題式」奶油膠模型手作工作坊

90-Minute All-You-Can-Craft Cream Glue Model Workshop

  • 30+實色/馬卡龍色奶油任君選擇

Choose from 30+ true colors and macaron shades of cream glue

  • 超過300種不同種類模型公仔可選,包括動漫、迪士尼、公主、Saniro、日本卡通、小動物

 Over 300 different types of model figures available, including anime, Disney, princesses, Sanrio, Japanese cartoons, and small animals

  • 可製作超過15種不同種類的成品,例如:手機、支架、手機殼、鏡子、髮夾、頭梳、袋子、水樽,等等

Create more than 15 different types of finished products, such as phone stands, phone cases, mirrors, hair clips, combs, bags, water bottles, and more

  • 可利用小配件製作不同風格的成品,不論是色彩繽紛,還是喜歡黑白配搭的你,都必定有可以選擇的bling bling charms!

Customize your creations with various accessories and styles, whether you prefer colorful or monochrome designs, you'll find the perfect bling bling charms!

  • 適合四歲到八十的你!4歲或以上嘅小朋友都歡迎你哋嚟參加我哋嘅工作坊!同我哋一齊渡過奇幻的一天吧

Suitable for ages 4 to 80! Children aged 4 and above are welcome to join our workshop! Spend a magical day with us

We offers English / 中文 workshops 

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