Peach Blossom #71 Milk Cotton 8-Ply Yarns (100-1000g)


The Perfect Yarn Choice for Knitting / Crocheting / Tufting 🧶

Embrace the silky allure of our Milk Cotton yarns, where comfort meets craftsmanship in every skein. Our collection of Milk Cotton, known for its sumptuous blend of natural cotton and milk protein fibers, offers a unique combination of durability and a velvety finish that pampers the skin. The eight strands of yarn intertwined in each ply create a robust yet plush texture, perfect for your most ambitious tufting or crochet projects.

Every shade in our palette is thoughtfully created, with dyes carefully applied to ensure a pop of color that brings your artwork to life. As each batch is dyed separately, we encourage crafters to purchase enough yarn in one order to maintain color consistency throughout your masterpiece, as variations may occur between batches.



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