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Daddy White Sweatpants

$338.00 $398.00
Daddy Sweatpants (White) 寬腿運動褲(白色)

🌟 這款 Daddy Sweatpants(白色)具有輕微喇叭腿設計,由厚實的法式毛巾布製成,舒適好穿,臀部裝飾有 daddy 掉膠印花。

💰 優惠價格:HKD$338(原價HKD$398) / TWD$1300(原價TWD$1550)

📏 尺寸:

- Size S

腰圍:76 cm
臀圍:102 cm
大腿圍:53 cm
總長度:97 cm

- Size M

腰圍:81 cm
臀圍:112 cm
大腿圍:56 cm
總長度:99 cm

🌐 我們提供國際運輸服務,請預訂後等待14天交付。

🛍️ 現貨出售中!

📍 購買地點:

- QQWonderland 觀塘店
- QQWonderland 旺角 CTMA Center 快閃店


🚿 洗滌注意事項:建議將衣物放入洗衣袋以保護布料,不要使用烘乾機。熨燙時,請使用低溫,避免直接熨燙掉膠印花區域,因為熱力會導致膠熔化。


# Daddy Sweatpants (White) Flared Sweatpants

🌟 These Daddy Sweatpants (White) feature a slight flare at the leg, made from thick French terry fabric for comfort and style. The pants are detailed with a daddy drop rubber print on the hips.

💰 Special Price: HKD$338 (Original Price HKD$398) / TWD$1300 (Original Price TWD$1550)

📏 Sizes:

- Size S

Waist: 76 cm (30")
Hips: 102 cm (40")
Thigh: 53 cm (21")
Total Length: 97 cm (38")

- Size M

Waist: 81 cm (32")
Hips: 112 cm (44")
Thigh: 56 cm (22")
Total Length: 99 cm (39")

🌐 We ship internationally, please allow 14 days for delivery after placing your order.

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📍 Where to buy:

- QQWonderland Kwun Tong
- QQWonderland Pop-up Store CTMA Center Mong Kok


🚿 Care Instructions: For washing, it is recommended to place the garments in a laundry bag to protect the fabric and avoid using a dryer. When ironing, use low heat and do not directly iron the rubber drop print area, as heat may cause the rubber to melt.

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