Daddy and the Muscle Academy

Daddy's Robot Halter Top

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- QQWonderland Kwun Tong
- QQWonderland Pop-up StoreCTMA Center Mong Kok

🚿 洗滌注意事項:建議將衣物放入洗衣袋以保護布料,不要使用烘乾機。熨燙時,建議將熨燙面翻轉,避免熱力接觸印花圖案,或使用蒸汽熨斗進行熨燙。


🚿 Care Instructions: For washing, it is recommended to place the garments in a laundry bag to protect the fabric and avoid using a dryer. When ironing, it is advisable to turn the ironing side to avoid heat from the print pattern, or use a steam iron to iron.

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