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Daddy Low-Waist Nelly Sweatpants


Daddy Nelly Sweatpants

These sweatpants are designed in a larger size with an elastic waistband that can be adjusted for a snug fit. The pants feature zipper decorations at the cuffs and side pockets. The back showcases printed "Daddy" pattern details. They are made from thick and soft velvety fabric, providing a comfortable wearing experience.

這條汗褲設計配有彈性腰帶,可調節以達到緊密貼合的效果。褲子的褲腳上有拉鍊點綴,並設有側袋。背部展示了 Daddy 印花圖案細節。它們由厚而柔軟的絨布製成,穿著舒適。

Available in three color options: Pink, Navy Blue, and White.

When cleaning, it is recommended to use a laundry bag and avoid tumble drying. Iron at a low temperature.

Size S
Waist: 28 inches to 34 inches (low waist)
Hip: 44 inches to 50 inches
Total Length: 38 inches
(Suitable for wearing XS-S sizes or individuals with a waist measurement of 24 inches to 26 inches)

Size M
Waist: 30 inches to 36 inches (low waist)
Hip: 46 inches to 52 inches
Total Length: 39 inches
(Suitable for wearing S-M sizes or individuals with a waist measurement of 26 inches to 29 inches)

Size L
Waist: 32 inches to 38 inches (low waist)
Hip: 48 inches to 53 inches
Total Length: 39.5 inches
(Suitable for wearing L, XL sizes or individuals with a waist measurement of 30 inches to 34 inches)

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